Lynn Mowson: Beautiful Little Dead Things

PhD, Student Galleries, VCA (Victorian College of the Arts) 2014.

“A/Professor Annie Potts has just reviewed The Art of the Animal for Antennae: Journal of Nature in Visual Culture.  Of my work she says –  “The eeriest and and arguably most provocative artworks in this book appear in Melbourne-based Lynn Mowson’s essay “Beautiful Little Dead Things.”” [sic]  and “Slink resembles human-animal hybrid carcasses, drained of blood to a shade of yellow decay: strung up, the sculptures look like the grotesque bodies found hanging in slaughterhouses or meat lockers.  Through these stunning works Mowson succeeds in highlighting the tension between presence and absence, human and animal, reality and fiction…” *

 * text source

camera: xpro1

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