Documenta 14: Athens School of Fine Art

Athens School of Fine Art, Athens. 08 Apr – 16 Jul, 2017

Featured Artists: Ciudad Abierta, Olaf Holzapfel, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Neil Leonard.

“Above the entrance of the Athens School of Fine Arts on Pireos Street we find the popular Greek slogan Ένας στο Χώμα χιλιάδες στον Αγώνα (One in the soil, thousands on the battlefield), comically repurposed to read: Ένας στο MoMA χιλιάδες στον Αγώνα (One in the MoMA, thousands on the battlefield). It’s a sly nod to the Museum of Modern Art, in New York, leveling the horizon of artistic success. ASFA, which has its origins in the Royal School of Arts, established in 1836, moved its departments of Fine Arts, Art Theory, and the History of Art into the buildings of the former Greek mills of the Sikiarides family, a textile factory, in 1992. The early 1990s in Athens, as elsewhere, saw the repurposing of abandoned industrial spaces for artistic use—consider Tate Modern in London or Kunst-Werke in Berlin. But where else may artists set their sights?…” *


* text source documentor: kerry leonard  camera: xt1

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