Shadow Sites

CCP, Melbourne, 2016.

Featured artists: Léuli Eshraghi, Catherine Evans, Sophie Neate, James Tylor, Rudi Williams and Elmedin Žunić.

Curated by Frances Wilkinson and Samantha McCulloch.

“What happens to artworks when they are hidden from view, waiting in vaults and archives? Examining the relationship between artwork, its documentation, and viewing spaces, shadow sites explores how art is understood both within and outside of the gallery. Blurring the boundary between the places artworks are put to rest and those where they are set on stage, the exhibitions are presented across two locations–Centre for Contemporary Photography and a nearby storage unit. Seven artists working with photography, sculpture and language present new site responsive works that explore the relationship between original and document, tracing stages of production and display while referencing personal and museological histories…” *


* CCP catalogue (see final image)

camera: lx100





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