Georgia Banks: So Help Me

Performed over 2 hrs, these images represent only the first 10 minutes at SEVENTH, Melbourne, 2016. The overwhelming perfume of this bubblegum confection can be smelt from first entry.

“Every time I see her work I think of pussy… so help me… Using her mouth as a surrogate vagina and her tongue as a surrogate clitoris, in the context of her face, with its whole psychological history, was wrong stuff! … so help me … Bad in an amusing, old fashioned way … so help me… Has no theory of the representations of women … so help me … Presents women as unproblematic … so help me … It does not take into account the social contradictions of ‘femininity’ … so help me … A harmless air of narcissism pervades this show … so help me … Her self exposure, which translates as some kind of rhetoric of sexual freedom for women, is too facile, too simple a formulation … so help me … so help me so help me so help me Hannah; I aim to be a female monster too” *

* Artist’s statement, see last image

camera: lx100

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