Giles Ryder: Surface/Mandalas for the Lost

MARS Gallery, Melbourne, 2016.

“They’re about desire, and make-up. And automobile design,” says Giles Ryder.
This may seem a rather flippant explication of the exhibited works. But like many of the artist’s pithy proposals, it is surprisingly revealing. Ryder’s linking of the abstract and timeless concept of desire with the tangible yet transient commodities that are cosmetics and cars points to some of the central, recurring concerns of his practice. For more than a decade, the artist has explored the tension between image and object, as well as simultaneous references to lofty ideals and lowly fashions, and an underlying interest in the (culturally, geographically, historically) contingent nature of meaning in non-representational artefacts…”*

* text source

camera: lx100

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