The Trouble with Remuneration

West Space, Melbourne, 2016.

Featured Artists: Liat Berdugo, Oskar Dawicki, Kate Meakin, Ian Milliss, Elizabeth Newman and Mladen Stillnović.

Curated by Liang Luscombe and Patrice Sharkey.

“The Trouble with Remuneration explores the variety of ways in which artists and their work interact with capital. If we accept that artworks paradoxically share the same conditions as contemporary capitalism then what occurs when artists use these conditions as the material for works? The Trouble with Remuneration presents a range of projects with differing strategies of navigation of these systems, namely resistance, refusal, complicity, activism and entrepreneurship that have been employed by artists in order to position their practice in an art world increasingly fixated on production and profit.” *

* text source

documentor: kerry leonard  camera: lx100

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