New Romance

MCA, Sydney, 2016.

Featured artists: Kibong Rhee, Patricia Piccinini & Peter Hennessey, Ian Burns, Airan Kang, Stelarc & Nina Sellars, Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho, and Sanghyun Lee.

Curated by Anna Davis and Houngcheol Choi

“New Romance: art and the posthuman brings together artists from Australia and Korea whose works encourage us to ask what it means to be human today, and what it might mean in the future. Drawing inspiration from science fiction, robotics, biotechnology, consumer products and social media, they offer experiences that raise questions around the idea of the posthuman; a concept that signals new understandings of humanity and a breakdown of boundaries between what we think of as natural and artificial…” *

 * text source

documentor: kerry leonard  camera: lx100

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