Flinders Event Space, 2015.

Featured artists: Hannah Bertram (with David Evans), Eric Demetriou, Kerry Leonard, Youjia Lu, Rebecca Monoghan, Stephen Palmer, Salazar Quas and Hannah Smith.

Curated by Salazar Quas

“Transpondence is the exhibition title for a show presenting a group of Artists from the Fine Arts milieu of the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) in Melbourne, Australia. Media art, kinetic art, digital art, media installation, sound art, artworks made of text, and digitally-enhanced sculpture are terms that can be associated with the works shown. Some are assisted by technology, some integrate video, others are more static and isolated – the works span a variety of levels of interactivity, and most all subscribe to a sense of spatial intervention. The exhibition opened its doors for 8 days in 2 galleries simultaneously during the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014, allowing visitors to connect thematics & works from various Artists between locations…*

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