Travis Vella: I Don’t Believe in Ghosts. Part 1

Rubicon ARI, Melbourne, 2016.

“These paintings are the exploration of belief. To question painting is to question belief. These works are toying with the boundaries of truth and deception. The paintings straddle the line where an individual thought has a universal connection, where belief and painting gain or lose relevance. There is play in the fluidity to glean an opinion or isolate the unresolved. Directed ambiguity is an intentional construct to allow the viewer to formulate or question. There is a slippery narrative, a Neo – Narrative, for the constructed image as it wants to stimulate self-evaluation. The paintings are also about ghosts and the superstitions, fears and hopes, life and death, trickery, perspective, fire, light and darkness.The materials are the metaphor of its content. The imagery is tethered to the qualities of the paint and painter as the subject is to its viewer. These are paintings to be seen and felt in reality as a unique experience elevated from the screen.” *

* Artist’s statement as per final frame. camera: lx100

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