Ulla von Brandenburg: It has a Golden Yellow Sun and an Elderly Grey Moon

ACCA, Melbourne, 2016.

Curated by Hannah Mathews.

“Ulla von Brandenburg’s distinct visual language draws on the traditions and tropes of theatre, film and storytelling.

Characterised by their use of curtains, costumes, props and staged settings, her works draw on a range of historical references, including the tableau vivant, modern theatre, folk traditions and iconic architecture. Combined with song and movement, these elements suggest a symbolic staging of ritualised encounters that are central to her oeuvre.

Working for over fifteen years, Ulla von Brandenburg’s practice displays a deep engagement with the traditions of craft, music, colour theory and the construction of narratives, both real and imagined.  With a unique signature style that brings film, architecture and installation together, her works explore the relationships between people, different levels of consciousness, and how the outsider responds to private rituals and customs.

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documentor: kerry leonard  camera: lx100

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