copyright, usage & credits

Robin Orams, (TBC), 2013. 

*DOCUMENTOR aspires to provide a local platform for art creators and art zealots to share, consider and locate art.

*DOCUMENTOR™ promotes the notion of image sharing as a positive conduit between artists, their works, and an awaiting and appreciative audience. Whilst  social media image sharing avails itself perfectly to this, due diligence must still be paid to the downloading of images files, and their dissemination. The  crediting of the artist when their work is subsequently shown is roundly expected, however not always the case. In order to provide the artist’s name for crediting (beyond that which is present on the*DOCUMENTOR site),*DOCUMENTOR records the artist’s name, exhibition title, and date in the metadata of the image displayed and shared. This is proactive, however it is still not a guarantee of accreditation.

If any artist (or representing gallery) wishes to remove their work displayed on the *DOCUMENTOR site, please email the gallery page “URL” to *DOCUMENTOR (from an identifying email address) and material will be removed at our earliest convenience.

All images and videos captured by *DOCUMENTOR are by law the copyright of *DOCUMENTOR and all rights are reserved.

Credits: any corrections to the credits can be forwarded here.