what is *DOCUMENTOR™ ?


Sary Zananari: “Capturing a Moment: Kalares Mill on the Ramullah-Jerusalem Road”, 2013.

*DOCUMENTOR™ is an artzine which proposes a platform of editorial review and news, and conduit for connection between emerging and established artists and an online art audience, via a pictorial magazine format.

*DOCUMENTOR™ is interested in the installed presence of an artwork in a space. A sense of the work’s environ and place within speaks to this exhibited presence, and where a white room is rarely just a white room, it ameliorates its documentation.

*DOCUMENTOR™ provides featured artists, curators, and galleries with individual profiles for self-population in order to foster direct conversations with an art audience and market, as well as each other.

*DOCUMENTOR™ focuses on art’s exhibition and performance across ARI’s¹, private, commercial, institutional and community galleries, as well as academic research and art student shows and will continue to expand and represent an ever evolving contemporary art arena throughout Australia.



¹ Artist Run Initiatives/Not For Profits