australian galleries (melbourne)

Ron Robertson-Swann: Landscape, Still Life, The Figure and More.

Australian Galleries, Sydney, 23 August 2016 — 11 September, 2016. “Ron Roberston-Swann often starts with something that is lying around his home, like a ball or a spoon. It will have a shape and a weight that prompt response. Should it sit on the ground or be suspended in the air? What intervening space and shadow result when another thing is put beside? How far can it be transformed before something else emerges? Ron makes things, although rarely from scratch.Read more

Andrew Antoniou

Australian Galleries, Melbourne, 2016. “Andrew Antoniou’s vibrant paintings and drawings lead the viewer into a world where a multitude of characters, objects, actions and settings become metaphors for the human condition. Antoniou’s intriguing, theatrical narratives resonate as both strangely familiar and utterly surreal…” *  * Australian Galleries camera: lx100Read more

Marina Strocchi: At Home

Australian Galleries, Melbourne, 2016. “At Home is a selection of recent works by Marina Strocchi. These works are playful, abstracted configurations in the traditional still life genre. As with her depictions of the Central Australian desert landscape (inhabited and uninhabited) you find in them the flattened perspective and the desert palette. The subject matter however, is the intimate collateral ephemera of her everyday life at home. The airy tangle of objects float in a plane that is deceptively structured yet threatensRead more
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