backwoods gallery

Twoone: 100faces

Backwoods Gallery, 15th – 24th October, 2016. “Through quick contours and eccentric sketches, TWOONE documents his experiences and interactions with people around the globe. Departing from the abstract symbolism as seen in his prior exhibitions, TWOONE now captures the diverse landscape of humanities psyche. The body of work, 100FACES, came to fruition through close studies of sculptures, fellow artists, contemporary cultural icons, and chance encounters. Going beyond directly representing his world, he taps into the psychological landscapes of his environment.Read more

Sir Jonathan Edward Guthmann: Mors

Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne, 16 – 25 September, 2016. “Guthmann says although he would not describe himself as a religious person, his studies and academic qualifications in theology, mythology and associated ancient languages, allow him to examine and convey through his art some of the perennial questions behind conventional religion…” *  * text source camera: lx100Read more
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