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c3, Melbourne, 2016. Danny Colombo and Thomas Breakwell Curated by Kelvin Skewes “Marginal presents the work of three Melbourne based photographic artists, Matthew Grahame, Danny Colombo and Thomas Breakwell. All three of these artists train their attention on the peculiarities of suburbia and its periphery…” * * text source camera: lx100Read more

Basil Papoutsidis: Camber

c3, Melbourne, 2016. “Interested in the sculptural and post-painterly contexts of formalist abstraction, Basil Papoutsidis utilises the aesthetic course of material behaviours, informed by genres such as masculine industrialism. An investigation into the modernist idea of object as subject matter, informs intuitive reactions within Papoutsidis’ practice, through rigorous formal explorations and a discourse of colour and gesture…”* * text sourcecamera: lx100Read more

Ingmar Apinis: Googly Corners

c3, Melbourne, 2016. “Googly Corners is a tongue in cheek reference to the role of the internet in every artist’s life today. While the internet as a realm where images are made, viewed and distributed has significantly influenced contemporary art, Ingmar is interested in the potential of the digital world to influence the production of a painting. What happens when the internet is merely a reference point for image making, rather than a canvas itself?…” * * text sourcecamera: lx100Read more

Nicholas Ryrie: Human Territories

c3, Melbourne, 2016. “Going back while thinking ahead In a continual state of projection, the return always provokes previous experience. Decision making is somewhat manipulated by these objects, a constant justification as to how and why we have come to this edge. For some time we spoke about crossroads, take a left or a right, think about the word faith, although doing this never brought comfort, it just illuminated something that was meaningless. Consistency in the contradiction of things…” * * textRead more

Concrete Agenda

c3, Melbourne, 2016. Belle Bassin, Olga Bennett, Emily Ferretti, Pia Murphy, Nell Pearson, Laura Skerlj, Tai Snaith, Kate Tucker and Alice Wormald. Curated by Tai Snaith. “Concrete Agenda brings together nine Melbourne based artists working within the field of abstraction to question and present ideas of materiality, process and perspective. Exploring compositional play, openness and the language of form, the artists examine ideas around authenticity, subjectivity and the psychology of taste. All share an agenda of interrogating the image atRead more
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