Gerald Machona: Ndiri Afronaut (I am an Afronaut)

Carriageworks, Sydney Biennale, 2016. Curated by Dr Stephanie Rosenthal. “Gerald Machona’s multifaceted artistic practice spans a diverse range of mediums, including sculpture, video, photography, performance and installation. By creating characters that reference ‘Nyau’, forms of ritual dance incorporating masks originating in the Chewa villages of central Malawi, Machona explores performance as a means of arbitration and communication, providing insight into cultural identity and challenging intolerance. His innovative use of decommissioned currency as a key material enables the artist to examine theRead more

Minouk Lim: Strange Fruit

Carriageworks, Sydney Biennale, 2016. Curated by Dr Stephanie Rosenthal. “The work of South Korean artist Minouk Lim explores the human and societal costs of modernisation. Working across a range of mediums, including performance, video, sculpture, installation and community-engaged public art, Lim’s work takes as its inspiration, and often its material, the globalised world. Themes of alienation, collective memory, loss of place, detritus, rapid growth, obsolescence and political power all resonate through her powerful and poetic works. Lim has described her video-basedRead more
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