chalk horse gallery

Trent Whitehead: Beyond the Trail

Chalk Horse, Sydney, 11 August – 03 September 2016. “I think of Trent Whitehead’s paintings and sculptures in this show as totems. There is definitely image magic in them and they appear more like effigies than art. They have the intensity of outsider art with rhythmic obsessive marks and strange morphing characteristics…” *  * text source documentor: kerry leonard  camera: lx100Read more

Mark Whalen: Around the Bend

Chalk Horse, Sydney, 2016. “Mark Whalen has again produced a show that responds directly to the contemporary condition. There is a lot of constriction and grappling in this series. The figures in the paintings are engaged in what seems like a form of existential struggle. To add to this disconsolate and sober feel many of the works are clearly bureaucratic in tone where figures are collected in office-like open plan spaces but remain alienated…” *  * text source camera: lx100Read more
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