flinders lane gallery

Hannah Quinlivan: Synecdoche

Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne, 2016. “Time is unfixed, flowing fickle, fluctuating. Temporal asymmetries cleave and splinter. Frozen, dripping, gushing, moments drift and rush.  Turgidities turn turbulent, echoing the glacial groans and moans of collapsing time. Unevenly distributed duration unhinges the conditions of the everyday. Not just fast forward but also slow motion, time is out of joint, stretched thin like a membrane and compressed like wrinkled skin. Stress fractures and crumple zones contour the unnatural course of life, marking crisisRead more

Michael Gromm: disco.end.ever

Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne, 2016. “I have an innate fascination with what is not known, and enjoy those moments when my eyes perceive things incorrectly. Those moments, usually out of the corner of my eye, when a few shapes or movements blend together to trigger a response from my consciousness. My works delve into the unknown and form unplanned, unending puzzles; a game of charades for both me and the viewer.  However, among the puzzles there exists an overarching awarenessRead more
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