heide museum of modern art

Michelle Nikou: A E I O U

Heide Museum of Modern Art, 23 Apr – 28 Aug, Melbourne, 2016. Curated by Kendrah Morgan and Melissa Keys. “Adelaide-based artist Michelle Nikou draws on surrealism in a reflective and productive way to transform mundane domestic objects and materials into sculptures of humour, poignancy and marvel. In this exhibition of new and recent work she utilises surrealist strategies such as chance, psychological metaphor, deadpan wit and juxtaposition, and inventively mingles high and low art sources and cultural references. Her work intentionallyRead more

Natasha Johns-Messenger: Sitelines

Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, 2016. Curated by Linda Michael “This exhibition includes new installations, photographs and light-works by Natasha Johns-Messenger, an artist from Melbourne now based in New York, whose art explores the gap between knowledge and perception. An important starting point for her work came from her discovering that the stars we see in the night sky may no longer exist. She tries to replicate this sense of wonder by creating spatial and viewing experiences that makeRead more
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