karen woodbury gallery

Lara Merrett: Casus Fortuitus

Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne, 2016. “In the past Merrett has worked on the more traditionally understood notion of a canvas. While she enjoys the process employed working in this way, pouring, pooling and evaporating paint on a crisp, primed white background, her recent drop sheet paintings have seen the artist allowing the work to be free from restraint and therefore more immediate. Long preferring to work on a large scale, the drop sheets have been a logical progression for Merrett,Read more

Kate Rohde: Ornament Crimes

Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne, 10 Aug – 3 Sep 2016.   “Kate Rohde’s collection of zoomorphic sculptures create a fantastical environment; hyperactive and hyper-detailed. Animals and plants become spectacles of human desire as mankind trumps nature in an immersive space filled with cast-resin furniture, elaborate vessels, mounted heads and psychedelic wall treatment. The embellishments imitate nature, there is something decisively unnatural about them. Horns sprout from chairs, cat heads are gruesomely fused into one and flowers are twisted into handles.Read more
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