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Layla Cluer & Chris Weir: They Selectively Breed Themselves Like Wheat

Kings Artist Run, Melbourne. 06 May – 27 May 2017.Layla Cluer and Chris Weir. “Dale dug a hole. And stuck his head in it. In The Australian Ugliness (1960), Robin Boyd exposes the rotting stumps that lie under the thin plasterboard veneer of Australian ‘taste’, what is on offer here is more of the same. The selectively breed themselves like wheat is the most recent collaborative project between emerging Melbourne artists Layla Cluer and Chris Weir. Drawing on an overarchingRead more

Georgia Banks: On Parr

Kings Artist Run. 03 Mar – 25 Mar 2017 Georgia Banks. “On Parr is an exhibition of video and performance, in which each piece is a re-performance of work by Mike Parr, arguably Australia’s best known performance artist. This show uses the attention currently focused on Parr to initiate a conversation surrounding performance art at an emerging level, as well as subverting Parr’s works as a means to discuss female subjectivity, exploring what it means to be a female emergingRead more

Darren Munce: Romance Bloody Romance

KINGS Artist Run, Melbourne, 2016. “Habituation: a tolerance or diminishing behavioral response to external stimuli after continued or repeated exposure to it. Apperception: the assimilation and interpretation of newly observed qualities by relying on past experience to formulate an understanding. ‘A breath of wind on a plastic petal in a cemetery, a riot of colour along a heavily graffitied corrugated fence, faded remnants of advertising on bluestone architecture, a display of potted plants on a blonde brick porch’…” *  *Read more


KINGS Artist Run, Melbourne, 2016. camera: lx100Read more

Heidi Holmes: Control yourself (even if you feel dead inside, hurt and barren)

Kings ARI, Melbourne, 2016.   “Control Control yourself Calm yourself Want it Not too much though Make sure you do all the things Don’t think about the things too much Empty nest ness You’re still young You might be too old Endo hurt, endless hurt Geriatric-stuck-ovary, sad-stuck-uterus, no-tubes Get stuck into life Stuck in life Stuck Stuck Control yourself (even if you feel dead inside, hurt and barren) is an exploration of the artist’s experience of her body and mindRead more
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