margaret lawrence gallery – vca (university of melbourne)

Sally Smart _ Staging the Studio (The Choreography of Cutting)

Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, 6 Oct – 4 Nov, 2017. “Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) alumna Sally Smart is known for her large-scale cut-out assemblage installations. Her practice engages identity, politics and the relationships between the body, thought and culture. In this new major installation, Smart explores the themes and ideas associated with the studio as a place of work, contemplation and thought in action…”* * text source documentor: kerry leonard  camera: lx100Read more

Hannah Bertram: Emerging From and Disappearing Towards Dust

Margaret Lawrence Gallery – VCA, Melbourne, 2017 “Hannah Bertram’s recent work explores the ambiguity of permanence and impermanence using the medium of dust. Emerging From and Disappearing Towards Dust investigates the relationship between ephemeral art and documentation, the material and poetic possibilities of dust in relation to time, and the melancholy experience of preservation and loss in order to articulate concepts of ‘enduring temporality’. Bertram’s work raises questions about what we seek to preserve, what we identify as worthless, andRead more

2016 Majlis Travelling Scholarship

Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VCA, Melbourne, 2016. Georgia Mein, Ella Dunn, Lucy Foster, Benjamin Kelly, Ashley Perry, Christopher Weir, Beatrice Wharldall, Claudia Pharés, Sam Petersen, Lauren Dunn, Lorna Quinn. “The 2016 Majlis Travelling Scholarship presents the work of third year students from the School of Art who are shortlisted for the award. A travelling scholarship of $10,000 will allow the recipient of the award to travel overseas at the conclusion of their undergraduate studies. This exhibition of shortlisted works is keenlyRead more
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