the substation

Ash Keating _ Gravity System Response

“Exploring the energy of paint, air, water and gravity combined, GRAVITY SYSTEM RESPONSE is a series of six canvas panels by renowned Melbourne-based artist, Ash Keating…” * *source textdocumentor: kerry leonard   camera: xt1Read more

The Substation _ Future Tense

The Substation, Melbourne, 1st Sept – 28th Oct 2017. Antoinette J. Citizen, Hannah Brontë, Yael Bartana, Rachel Mason, Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Tristan Jalleh. “FUTURE TENSE is a group exhibition that explores positions in video art, that draft alternative visions for the future to establish histories which reflect on the present. Combining video art, installation and new technology, the exhibition connects speculative narratives as a means to explore contemporary politics, histories and national identity…” * text source documentors: kerry leonard & rudolfRead more

Phuong Ngo: The Vietnam Archive Project

The SubStation, Melbourne. 12 May – 01 Jul 2017.“THE VIETNAM ARCHIVE PROJECT by PHUONG NGO is an ongoing artwork started in 2010. Currently consisting over 10,000 items, including slides, photos, documents and objects; this ever-growing collection explores histories that have come to define the personal and collective identities of Vietnamese communities, both within and outside of Vietnam. CONFLICTED explores the political and social aspects of war through the lens of service men and women. Utilising found images and objects fromRead more
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