The Public Body .01

Artspace, Sydney, 25 August – 23 October 2016.

Abdul Abdullah
, A.K. Burns, 
A.L. Steiner
, Tianzhuo Chen, Merlin James
, Pope.L, 
Claire Lambe
, Sarah Lucas, 
Ryan McGinley, 
Carter Mull
, Sterling Ruby
, Mark Shorter, 
Justin Shoulder, 
Amalia Ulman, 
Lyndal Walker, 
Rohan Wealleans, 
Paul Yore

Curated by Talia Linz and Alexie Glass-Kantor

THE PUBLIC BODY .01 is the first of a three-part speculation on one idea. Over the next three years THE PUBLIC BODY .01, .02 and .03 will explore various facets of the notion of the public body with three distinct yet interrelated exhibitions.

We begin at the closest and most intimate point: this vessel that we all occupy with its myriad physical and sexual selves. THE PUBLIC BODY .01 explores contemporary representations of the body and, in particular, the naked and/or sexualised body. The start is the surface — of the body, and of image circulation in the twenty-first century…” *

 * Artspace

camera: lx100

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