VCA Graduate Exhibition 2016 (Pt1)

Various gallery and studio spaces throughout the art school, Victorian College of the Arts, 21st – 27th November, 2016.

Featured artists: Teresa Hsieh, Ashley Perry, Jenna Russo, Katie Ryan, Hannah Gartside, William Kogoi, Lillian Palser Barto, Alisha Abate, Anna Calder, Nicholas Ashvin Pearce, Mary Grul, Tristan Davies, Lorna Quinn, Laura-Rose Simons, Victoria Ellis, Lilli Rae Lovegrove, Simone Geary, Christopher Weir, Layla Cluer, Ella Dunn, Thomas Burns, Georgia Helm, Taylah Cummins, Daniella Clancy, Stuart Gillespie, Epiphany Tapu.

“Graduating students from Drawing and Printmedia, Painting, Photography, Sculpture and Spatial Practice – as well as those completing Honours – present highlights from their year of study. The resulting show is a feast of drawing, prints, photography, sculpture, painting, screen-based and digital media, reflecting the gamut of artistic expression. The annual Graduate Exhibition represents an opportunity for friends, family and art lovers to enter this cultural laboratory, providing access to the explorations and the creative energy that emits from the School of Art…” *

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