Sue Beyer: disPLACE

Five Walls Projects, ARCADE, Melbourne, 2016.

“Compelled by an intriguing combination of painting and roller-skating, Sue Beyer’s practice investigates place as a fluid and shifting set of experiences. Beyer utilises the comfortable, familiar and simple vocabulary of cartography to construct sensitive allegorical reflections on navigation, location and subjectivity within contemporary urban spaces. Beyer’s creative process allows her to incorporate the language of mapping that traditionally gives structure to vast geographies. The topographical line work of this media is transcribed over dynamic blocks of colour and abstract forms. This layering process translates the language and universal structure of cartography into hand painted and intuitive expressions. Through this method Beyer decontextualises mapping personalises the geographical terrain whilst bringing it into focus.
Michelle Eskola, 2016” *

* Artist’s catalogue, see final frame.


camera: lx100

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