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Raymond Carter: Lozenge

Five Walls Projects, Melbourne, Jan 31 – Feb 17, 2018.“Raymond Carter’s new body of tape paintings considers the geometric shape of the lozenge, its symbolism, and meaning. From the first decade of the 20th Century, the lozenge shape has held a position within geometric abstract painting. Introduced to easel painting by the Russian Constructivists they incorporated it, alongside other elements, into their geometric arrangements. It was with the Minimalist painters of the late 1950/60’s that the rhombus leitmotif became centralRead more

Youjia Lu: Collide-Parallel Universe

Five Walls Projects, Arcade. 26 April – 13 May 2017. “Drawing upon psychoanalytic theories of what might precede the formation of the ego, Lu proposes an artistic strategy for imaging an antecedent to the self. Referring to the concept of ‘superposition’ in quantum theory (which allows two antagonistic states to coexist in a state of indeterminacy), Lu investigates the possibility of a superposed subject in video art, whose regression toward the unformed predecessor of her self-image in the mirror, coexistsRead more

Shelley Jardine: Beyond a Space

Five Walls Projects, Melbourne, 12 -29 October, 2016. camera: lx100Read more

Adrien Allen: Recovery Painting

Five Walls Projects, Melbourne, 12 – 29 October, 2016. “A common definition of recovery is to get again. In a new series of monochrome works I realize a type of readymade imagery through a process of adhering, curing and removing new material from a pre-existing surface. It’s an act of retrieval, evoking familiar processes such as frottage, casting and printing. The resulting imagery only partially recovers the look and sense of its referent, as the action of peeling away oneRead more

David Sequeira: A Sacred Conversation

Five Walls Projects, Melbourne, 2016. camera: lx100Read more

Marcel Feillafe & John Eaton: Suffer the Opposite

Five Walls Projects – ARCADE. Melbourne, 2016. camera: lx100Read more

Damien O’Mara: Concrete

ARCADE, Five Walls Projects, Melbourne, 2016. camera: lx100  Read more

Shaun O’Connor: ATM Machine

At Five Walls Projects, Melbourne, 2016. “Recuperated guerrilla street adverts of pawn dealers and dubious pay-for-cash companies serve as both a literal and physical support for O’Connor’s new series of work. Taken directly off the streets of NYC, these mundane panels provide the artist with a formal framework to explore gesture, mark and erasure in a process that transforms the commonplace into a singular, subjective encounter. The pre-existing text on each of O’Connor’s panels serves as a makeshift skeleton usedRead more

Sue Beyer: disPLACE

Five Walls Projects, ARCADE, Melbourne, 2016. “Compelled by an intriguing combination of painting and roller-skating, Sue Beyer’s practice investigates place as a fluid and shifting set of experiences. Beyer utilises the comfortable, familiar and simple vocabulary of cartography to construct sensitive allegorical reflections on navigation, location and subjectivity within contemporary urban spaces. Beyer’s creative process allows her to incorporate the language of mapping that traditionally gives structure to vast geographies. The topographical line work of this media is transcribed overRead more

Millan Pintos-Lopez: The Meditations of a Godless Man

Five Walls Projects, Melbourne, 2016 “Millan Pintos-Lopez’s series of work Meditations of a Godless man explores the geometric shape and, at its core, the straight line, under the guise that it is somehow divine. Inspired by the work of Josef Albers[1], Pintos-Lopez pays tribute to the potential and ability of the straight line. He commemorates the straight line’s transcendence and the immanent power of the mind to conceive the straight line in a world of organic forms. Millan graduated fromRead more
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