Youjia Lu: Collide-Parallel Universe

Five Walls Projects, Arcade. 26 April – 13 May 2017.

“Drawing upon psychoanalytic theories of what might precede the formation of the ego, Lu proposes an artistic strategy for imaging an antecedent to the self.

Referring to the concept of ‘superposition’ in quantum theory (which allows two antagonistic states to coexist in a state of indeterminacy), Lu investigates the possibility of a superposed subject in video art, whose regression toward the unformed predecessor of her self-image in the mirror, coexists within an antagonistic state of attesting the boundaries of her mirror-reflection. Experimenting with superimposed layers in video editing, Lu attempts to manifests an indeterminate condition of the subject emerging at the moment when layers of images collapse.… *

* text source

documentor: kerry leonard  camera: xt1

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