Bureau For The Organisation Of Origins

BLINDSIDE, Melbourne, 25 January – 11 February 2017.

Rushdi Anwar, Peter Burke + Adele Varcoe, Linda Choi, Dale Collier, Peter Drew, Jaye Early, Megan Evans, Carly Fischer, Raafat Ishak + Tom Nicholson, Sean Lowry, Mayatili Marika, Wandjuk Marika OBE (c.1930–1987), Ramon Martinez-Mendoza, Performprint (Joel Gailer + Jenny Hall), Benjamin Sheppard, Nick Waddell + Elmedin Žunić

“The Bureau for the Organisation of Origins (BOO) explores the national preoccupation with identity by examining Australia’s cultural self-evaluation leading up to, and ‘celebrated’ on, Australia Day.

The ‘BOO’ is a collaborative and interdisciplinary visual arts project that converts the BLINDSIDE Artist run space into
a working ‘bureau’ to comment on Australian identity on and around Australia day 2017. As a bureau, the project embodies the idea that the nation state essentially operates an administrative bureaucracy.

The format supports the themes while providing a space to discuss and debate various issues regarding Australian identity as revealed through a range of artistic gestures and discursive events. The exhibition incorporates panel discussions, workshops and publications along with a range of carefully curated interdisciplinary art works. The ‘bureau’ context prompts dialogue around issues of heritage, place and belonging and the organisational systems that end up affecting everyday experience..”

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documentors: kerry leonard 

camera: xt1


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