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Bureau For The Organisation Of Origins

BLINDSIDE, Melbourne, 25 January – 11 February 2017. Rushdi Anwar, Peter Burke + Adele Varcoe, Linda Choi, Dale Collier, Peter Drew, Jaye Early, Megan Evans, Carly Fischer, Raafat Ishak + Tom Nicholson, Sean Lowry, Mayatili Marika, Wandjuk Marika OBE (c.1930–1987), Ramon Martinez-Mendoza, Performprint (Joel Gailer + Jenny Hall), Benjamin Sheppard, Nick Waddell + Elmedin Žunić “The Bureau for the Organisation of Origins (BOO) explores the national preoccupation with identity by examining Australia’s cultural self-evaluation leading up to, and ‘celebrated’ on, Australia Day. TheRead more

Here in the Undergrowth

Blindside, Melbourne, 5th – 22nd October, 2016. Featured Artists: Claire Marston, James Farley & Jacob Raupach, Ian Tully, Tara Gilbee, Matthew Harris, John Stephen Britten, Steph Shields, Ebony Gulliver. Curated by Verity Haywood. “Here in the Undergrowth presents the work of nine regional artists from Victoria and New South Wales whose practices are as diverse and varied as the regions from which they come. Traversing neon, sound, photography, installation and painting, this project highlights what has been flourishing in theRead more

Jessica Curry: The Finest of Domestic Animals

Blindside, Melbourne, 2016. “Framed by an interest in the way in which consumption practices articulate a disappointing demand for an ideality that is absent. The Finest of Domestic Animals is an ongoing investigation into desire, consumerist culture and the subliminal messages that operate between the object and consumer….” * text source camera: lx100Read more

Norie Neumark + Maria Miranda (Out-of-Sync): I Can Hardly Wait: Stuplimity and the Aesthetics of Neo-Liberalism

Blindside, Melbourne, 2016. “Stupidity, it would seem, has been greatly under-rated. And nowhere more so than in the motion, emotion and commotion of slapstick comedy, which is animated by its own particular zany stupidity. I Can Hardly Wait: Stuplimity and the Aesthetics of Neo-Liberalism is one of an ongoing series of short video performances calling upon the Three Stooges to explore/enact the aesthetics of stupidity, violence and, of course, stuplimity through the motions of slapstick comedy…”* * text sourcecamera: lx100Read more

Susan Hawkins: Make of Me

Blindside, Melbourne, 2016. “Appropriating familial ephemera to create abstract experiences, Brisbane artist Susan Hawkins physically ‘regrams’ the past into something vaguely familiar and yet singular…”  * * text source camera: lx100 Read more

Preyada Apiwattanatam: Gross Domestic Value

Blindside, Melbourne, 2014.       camera: xt1  Read more
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