Shaun O’Connor: ATM Machine

At Five Walls Projects, Melbourne, 2016.

“Recuperated guerrilla street adverts of pawn dealers and dubious pay-for-cash companies serve as both a literal and physical support for O’Connor’s new series of work. Taken directly off the streets of NYC, these mundane panels provide the artist with a formal framework to explore gesture, mark and erasure in a process that transforms the commonplace into a singular, subjective encounter. The pre-existing text on each of O’Connor’s panels serves as a makeshift skeleton used by the artist to generate a fascia of organic forms and dynamic shapes that resist instant recognition and meaning. These shapes, marks and erasures effectively scramble any attempt to engage in a literal reading of the text; any hope for straightforward meaning is compromised as we encounter a range of autonomous shapes and forms that are yet to be named or clearly deciphered.” *


* text source

[ Presented by Blackartprojects ]

camera: lx100

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