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Tim Silver: Oneirophrenia

CCP, Melbourne, 05 Aug – 18 Sep 2016. “Oneirophrenia: From the greek words oneiros, ‘dreams’, and phrenos, ‘mind’ A hallucinatory, dreamlike state caused by several conditions such as prolonged sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation or drugs. In Greek mythology, the Oneiroi are the personifications of dreaming: Morpheus, the winged god of dreams, can take human form; Phobetor is the personification of nightmares, appearing in the guise of animals or monsters; and Phantasos is known for creating dreams of surreality or illusion…”*  * text sourceRead more

Jane Brown: Black Ships

CCP, Melbourne, 2016. “The title of the series is a translation of the Japanese word kurofune, an idiom used by the Japanese for Western vessels approaching their shores. This dates from the 16th Century when the hulls of Portuguese vessels were painted black with pitch. The term became a symbol of the end of Japan’s isolationist policies and the modernisation that ultimately ensued…”*  * text source camera: lx100Read more

The Wandering I

CCP, Melbourne, 2016. Brook Andrew, Cate Consandine, Stephen Garrett. “From the first European sightings, the landscape in Australia has been the focus of much anxious questioning of our cultural identity. Australian artists have created images of the interior, which have become part of the Australian psyche, politics and mythology. These artists, from the earliest days of exploration through to today, have documented and drawn images that have shaped our understanding of this landscape and our spatial relationship to it…”*  * text sourceRead more

Anna Higgins: International Waters

CCP, Melbourne, 2016. “Anna Higgins’ photographic practice incorporates found imagery that is abstracted and re-contextualised through methods of collage, projection and other analogue special effects to form new perspectives. Working with 120mm film, her work explores the nature of images, and how the mind makes sense of and disturbs information and imagery that is not fully formed…”*  * text source camera: lx100Read more

Steve Carr: A Manual for Small Archives

 CCP, Melbourne, 2016. “A Manual for Small Archives sees Steve Carr looking back over a set of works from the recent past through a seemingly objective filter. This exhibition seeks to assess how these artworks shape and influence one another and in this new context generate another set of readings and understandings. While the artist would usually be archived as a practitioner producing a single body of work, this exhibition suggests that actually he is generating a series of experiments thatRead more

Shadow Sites

CCP, Melbourne, 2016. Featured artists: Léuli Eshraghi, Catherine Evans, Sophie Neate, James Tylor, Rudi Williams and Elmedin Žunić. Curated by Frances Wilkinson and Samantha McCulloch. “What happens to artworks when they are hidden from view, waiting in vaults and archives? Examining the relationship between artwork, its documentation, and viewing spaces, shadow sites explores how art is understood both within and outside of the gallery. Blurring the boundary between the places artworks are put to rest and those where they areRead more
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