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MCA Collection: Today Tomorrow Yesterday

MCA, Sydney, 01 Sept 2016 – 31 Aug 2017. Featured artists: Stuart Ringholt, Daniel Boyd, Justine Williams, Dale Frank, Mikala Dwyer, Kathy Temin, John Barbour, Pat Brassington, Sally Smart, Gareth Sansom, Sanné Mestrom, Matthys Gerber, Robert MacPherson, A.D.S. Donaldson, Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Fiona Hall, Barayuwa Mununggurr, Imants Tillers, Ricky Swallow, Emma White, James Angus, Robert Hunter, Bob Burruwal, and Hayden Fowler. Curated by Natasha Bullock. “Drawn entirely from the Museum’s Collection, Today Tomorrow Yesterday considers the impact of the past and the influenceRead more

Linda Marrinon: Artist’s Room

MCA, Sydney, 2016. Curated by Manya Sellers. “In the context of Today Tomorrow Yesterday, we also launch the inaugural Artist Room exhibition. This new series highlights the depth of the Museum’s holdings of a single artist’s practice. The first exhibition considers the work of Melbourne artist Linda Marrinon. Along with a new commission, the exhibition includes significant paintings from the 1980s to show the artist’s transition from painting to sculpture…” *  * text source camera: lx100Read more

New Romance

MCA, Sydney, 2016. Featured artists: Kibong Rhee, Patricia Piccinini & Peter Hennessey, Ian Burns, Airan Kang, Stelarc & Nina Sellars, Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho, and Sanghyun Lee. Curated by Anna Davis and Houngcheol Choi “New Romance: art and the posthuman brings together artists from Australia and Korea whose works encourage us to ask what it means to be human today, and what it might mean in the future. Drawing inspiration from science fiction, robotics, biotechnology, consumer products and social media,Read more

Joan Ross: The claiming of things

 MCA, Sydney, 2016.   “I have started with one of my favourite John Glover paintings and have changed it around and added my own perspective on colonisation and what ‘being civilised’ is…I use flouro as a metaphor for colonisation. I saw the influx of flouro after 9/11 – in a way, flouro represented a type of colonising, but also a type of fear…” * *text source cameras: iphone6plus & lx100Read more
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