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Nickk Hertzog: Out There

Rubicon ARI, Melbourne, 2016. “Out There explores a psychic tension between the urban landscape and the digital image. The urban landscape is haunted by the troubled ghosts of abandoned buildings and hidden passages of drains and waterways. These haunted landscapes find themselves inhabited once more, possessed by choking weeds and the occult magic of endless tagging. They are home to strays both animal and human who live wild within their fragile boundaries. Through multiple videos, the installation summons the ghostsRead more

Kaya Barry: Emergency Diagrams

Rubicon ARI, Melbourne, 2016. “Emergency Diagrams plays with movements and experiences of spaces encountered during air travel. It explores the aesthetic design of aircraft safety cards – the laminated cards in planes that direct passengers what actions to undertake in emergencies. Each work extracts a micro-movement or process from the abstracted and stylised diagrams. The viewer is invited to contemplate the depiction of complex emergency situations where movements are represented merely by pictographic elements such as arrows, lines, and abstractedRead more

Sarah Gosling: Fervid

Rubicon ARI, Melbourne, 2016. “Fervid is a collection of small paintings inspired by themes of law enforcement and social justice. The paintings carry an emotional weight as I attempt to inject my own personal perspective into the work. Using an extensive image collection of references, my ideas are developed through collaging or editing the image to create new compositions. I’m consciously avoiding being tied down to the initial reference, instead letting the painting evolve instinctively…”   * text source camera: lx100Read more

Nicholas McGinnity: Props

Rubicon ARI, Melbourne, 2016. “A grid depositing form into a structural hierarchy, conveying a fatalism or an impermanence to a fixed state. Relying on self-reflexive process the work engages with a certain material trajectory wherein elements from previous investigations are recycled founding new arrangements, existing between this cyclical procedure and each works assertion of this continuum experienced through sighting the installation. Approaching materials with the tactility of painting in mind, the elements that compose much of the work borrow fromRead more

Travis Vella: I Don’t Believe in Ghosts. Part 1

Rubicon ARI, Melbourne, 2016. “These paintings are the exploration of belief. To question painting is to question belief. These works are toying with the boundaries of truth and deception. The paintings straddle the line where an individual thought has a universal connection, where belief and painting gain or lose relevance. There is play in the fluidity to glean an opinion or isolate the unresolved. Directed ambiguity is an intentional construct to allow the viewer to formulate or question. There isRead more

Maddison Kitching: Out of Place, Out of Touch.

Rubicon ARI, Melbourne, 2016. “Out Of Place, Out Of Touch is a series of paintings which explore the contrast of tourists to the harsh environment of the outback, Norlttem Territory. Each painting contains a termite mound, a figure and cut outs from Australian tourism magazines. Termite mounds are a significant tourist attraction in the NT and are repeated throughout the landscape. These structures can be seen in the background of tourists photographs where the tourist is often the focal point.Read more
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