Zoe Brooks: Live by Faith Not by Feelings

Seventh Gallery, Melbourne. Oct 26 – Nov 10, 2017.“Live by Faith Not by Feelings is a knitted conversation between Zoë Brooks and the Catholic Church Craft Group. Interested in belief systems and the extremities of human behaviour, Brooks explores the narrative of ‘The Immaculate Conception’ triggered by her and her sister’s own conception, who prior to, were promised to the Catholic Church however conceived through IVF processes against Catholic beliefs…” ** text sourcedocumentor: kerry leonardcamera: lx100Read more

Devika Bilimoria: An Arctic Time Signature

Night Screen, SEVENTH, Melbourne, 2016. “Upon Arctic rock a moving figure ignites a grey and remote environment. Progressively, duplicated bodies trace over this slow ancient terrain drawing forth a playground anchored by touch, bringing the mind closer to the earth, to time itself…” * * text source documentor: kerry leonard  camera: osmoRead more

Sophie Durand: Where Two Oceans Meet: Selected Histories of Flinders Bay

SEVENTH, Melbourne, 2016. “Where Two Oceans Meet: Selected Histories of Flinders Bay builds from narratives and memories of Flinders Bay, a small holiday settlement in the southwest of Australia. Borrowing from models of theatre and television in its construction, this exhibition is a multi-part installation that activates and reinterprets local histories…” * * text sourceRead more

Clara Bradley: Blushings

SEVENTH, Melbourne, 2016. BLUSHINGS will present a series of hand-embroidered, intimate textile works examining individual historicity and the emotional implications of the artists’ deployment of personalised pain. Littered anecdotes act as pale bruises, producing soft-hued impressions across a landscape throughout a lifetime, untruths are portrayed here via a delicate and at once muted embossing…” * * text sourceRead more

Loralee Newitt: Airing Out Your Hoax

SEVENTH, Melbourne, 2016. Loralee Newitt’s practice is predominately located in the practice of painting utilizing the medium to look at what can be represented beyond the use of language. Her canvases forever shift through visual ambiguities – their starting points often triggered by way of Newitts stumbling upon reminiscent sensations that include remembered places, faces and her relationships with others. The experience is sensuous, luscious, bodily, and emotional…” * * text source camera: lx100Read more

Natalie Papak: Traversing The Void (Of Time, Land and Art in a State of Wild Captivity)

SEVENTH, Melbourne, 2016. “This is a project that began in July 2014 in Vallauris, the South of France where Natalie produced and exhibited work for her AIR Vallauris artist in residence placement. Geographically, this historically significant site is framed by the Pyrenees Mountains and the Eastern coastline…” * * text sourceRead more

Rebecca Marshall: The Lady and her Dog.

SEVENTH Gallery, Melbourne, 2016. “Rebecca explores narrative, authorship and creative process to bring together seemingly disparate ideas and references. Engaging with memory, identity and the digital cultural experience her work continually moves from the real to the imagined and the everyday to the fantastical…” * * text source camera: lx100Read more

Alice Duncan: One more time, this time for real.

SEVENTH Gallery, Melbourne, 2016. “Photography is a misunderstanding and the photograph is a lie. Strongly rooted in analogue photography, Alice Duncan’s practice investigates society’s reliance on photography to represent the real, or as evidence of an event; a reliance that has led us to mistake photography with the act of seeing. In One more time, this time for real, Duncan exposes the strange and often sadistic relationships that exist between photographs and readily available objects; humiliating photography’s inability to truly representRead more

Georgia Banks: So Help Me

Performed over 2 hrs, these images represent only the first 10 minutes at SEVENTH, Melbourne, 2016. The overwhelming perfume of this bubblegum confection can be smelt from first entry. “Every time I see her work I think of pussy… so help me… Using her mouth as a surrogate vagina and her tongue as a surrogate clitoris, in the context of her face, with its whole psychological history, was wrong stuff! … so help me … Bad in an amusing, old fashioned way … so helpRead more

Clare Peake: B

(featured artist Clare Peake), SEVENTH Gallery, Melbourne, 2016. “The exhibition B sees artists David Attwood and Clare Peake contemplate the creative potential of unproductiveness, and in particular procrastination as a strategy for arriving at new forms and ideas. In Peake’s work How to get from A to C: A meditation on B a series of greek inspired ceramic vessels diarise everyday life in Broome. While Attwood’s Doldrums reveal short written statements that earnestly but glibly reflect the artist’s inhibitions regarding the significance of time spent makingRead more

Will Heathcote: Out Side In

SEVENTH Gallery, Melbourne, 2016.  A cool blanket of heavy morning air lingers in the field. Sheep graze, in a seemingly hypnotic trance, consuming the pasture underfoot. Brought across the sea in timber cups, they have been mowing this land since colonial settlement. From this vantage point there are droves freckled across the grassy vista – each locked into a constant, collective procession…” * * text source camera: lx100Read more
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