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1/119 Hopkins St, Footscray VIC 3011, Australia

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wednesday : 12 - 5pm
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sunday : closed

Julie Shiels: the unmade, the remade and the half baked

Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne. Sept 20 – Oct 7, 2017.“Early this year I packed up my studio and moved. In the process excavated 13 years of ideas, materials and found objects. This exhibition realises some of these ambitions and consists of artworks I that never started, things I started but never finished, and artworks that that were remade from something else. ‘the unmade, the remade and the half baked’ is another way of considering what goes on in an artistRead more

Narinda Cook: Wasted

Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne. Sept 20 – Oct 7, 2017. “Narinda Cook creates installations and sculptures using children’s arts and craft materials, such as plasticine, For the new work at Trocadero Art Space, Cook creates a site specific work using left over plasticine from moulds, workshops and old works in progress. A pile of waste plasticine is gathered, colour mashed together, dust gathering. Under heat, it slowly melts and morphs into anew form. Commenting on material waste through art productionRead more

Rolando Dimitrios Garay-Matziaris: WHAT’S MY SCΣNΕ?

Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne. 26 Apr – 13 May 2017. Rolando Dimitrios Garay-Matziaris. “ ‘WHAT’S MY SCΣNΕ?’ incorporates digital collage, and commercial printing techniques in order to explore cultural identities, hybridity, received, and perceived values; found within the context of multicultural Australia.  These ironic and absurd graphic representations use image and text, to display unexpected combinations and value systems. Humor functions within these work in order to provide an insight into the attitudes and defence mechanisms adopted by many migrantsRead more

Double Bind

Trocadero Art Space, 2nd – 19th November, 2016. Lachlan Anthony, Georgia Banks, Dean Colls, Sarah Duyshart, Kerry Leonard, Aaron Martin, Louise Skacej, Nick Waddell, Paul White, Elmedin Zunic. Curated by Nick Waddell. “Double Bind is an exhibition that is conceptually very different to the types of exhibitions one normally associates with the group show moniker; raising questions of authorship, intent and interpretation. These aesthetic problems are addressed by the inclusion of Artists that are/were receptive to the idea of making new works that didRead more

Catherine Johnstone: Acqua Profonda (Northern Pacific Seastar Project)

Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne, 12th – 29th October, 2016. ” ‘Till human voices wake us.’ (T.S. Eliot, The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock) Acqua Profonda (Deep Water) explores the far-reaching effects of human action on aquatic environments through an installation, photographs and video about the invasive species, the Northern Pacific Seastar (Asterias amurensis). Australian native fish and mollusc populations are in ‘deep water’ because they are under threat…” *  * text source camera: xt1  Read more

Beau White: The Muck and the Mire

Trocadero Artspace, Melbourne, 12 – 29 October, 2016. “The Muck & The Mire is a series of intricately detailed oil paintings that represent how phobia can mutate into the absurd and grotesque. Trapped between primal fear and modern anxiety, the work embodies both the Western urge to resist nature and control the wilderness/ the other, and the artificial quagmire of consumerism and domestic suffocation…” *  * text sourceRead more

Jade Walsh: Bare Material

Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne, 2016. “An Exhibition that includes text, digital image, sewing & material paintings and performance video. Jade Walsh is baring more than her soul in this upcoming show at Trocadero. Why? In the name of art, life and love…” *  * text source camera: lx100Read more

Antonia Marshall: Unicorns Are Real

Nooky, Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne, 2016. “As the remains of the now extinct ‘unicorn’ are uncovered in the depths of Siberia (the irony of being banished in Sibera is not lost on me) I imagine how these magical mythical creatures could have roamed the earth; or perhaps they still do? “Oh WOW!” Shouts the little girl. “A Unicorn! look at it’s pretty hair!” “Mother remarks “Oh yes dear, very good. very interesti….OH No don’t look!” “HOW DARE THEY!?” Those unicornsRead more

Jessie Adams: Mirage

Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne, 2016. “Returning from diverse landscapes across Australia and the deserts of the USA, Melbourne based photomedia artist Jessie Adams transforms three key natural phenomena – light, water and stone, through sumptuous digitally printed silk. Her photographs offer a visceral engagement with the three elements, challenging the static 2D nature of the photograph. MIRAGE, opening at Trocadero Art Space, harnesses the sculptural potential of Adams’ wearable art works, creating stunning visions of magical worlds…”    * text sourceRead more

Who is Mr Favisar?

Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne, 2016. Corinna Berndt, Madeline Bishop, Raymond Carter, Imogen Hall, Siri Hayes, Jimmy Langer, Dane Lovett, Youjia Lu, Aaron Martin, Akihiro Okumura, Leela Schauble, Kellie Wells “It’s that time of year. The final sprint – or exhausted limp – for this year’s graduating artists, as keyboards are worn-out, research becomes a blur of indistinguishable paragraphs and footnotes, supervisors are strategically avoided, and studios are left to descend into chaos. And so, for your pleasure, a glimpse into these projects.‘MR FAVISAR’ is the course code for ‘Masters of Research Fine and Visual Arts’,Read more

Nancy Lang & friends: In Sync

Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne, 2016.   “The body as the unconscious: the body as mind. 24 people, 6 emotions, a different perspective. 24 of my friends lay on the floor beneath a video camera as I filmed them move through the emotions of tenderness, desire, anger, sadness, fear and joy. They ranged in age from 3 to 84 years old with differing movement experience. Shaping their movement, I explored themes of non-verbal communication, space and how we influence and create each other. Through immersive projectionsRead more

Hannah Raisin: Recall

Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne, 2016. “Pupils shrink and take in a foggy audience, the membrane cracks, the syrup congeals and I gag on a failing synthetic rainbow – then clapping.  I wonder if Carolee’s audience applauded. Raisin’s exhibition Recall employs sensation, memory, re-performance, and record to reengage a moment. Based on a reimagining of Carolee Schneemann’s 1975 performance ‘Interior Scroll’, ‘Dear Carolee, Love Cindy, Love Hannah’ was initially commissioned by Channels Festival for the 2013 Memory Screens program. Like routine glances in theRead more

Georgia Banks: Her

A Little Nooky,   Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne, 2016 ” ‘Her’ is a reperformance of Kate Just’s ‘Her Tools’ collage series. So what I took from [Kate Just’s] collages is that they are very intricate and delicate pieces. They are collages of tools for violence, made from images from women’s magazines such as beauty tools – makeup and so on – encompassing the inherent violence of the conversation surrounding female beauty in the public sphere. So that kind of idea thatRead more
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