Double Bind

Trocadero Art Space, 2nd – 19th November, 2016.

Lachlan Anthony, Georgia Banks, Dean Colls, Sarah Duyshart, Kerry Leonard, Aaron Martin, Louise Skacej, Nick Waddell, Paul White, Elmedin Zunic.

Curated by Nick Waddell.

“Double Bind is an exhibition that is conceptually very different to the types of exhibitions one normally associates with the group show moniker; raising questions of authorship, intent and interpretation. These aesthetic problems are addressed by the inclusion of Artists that are/were receptive to the idea of making new works that did not respond to a set themes, rather, these new works come from a generative origin that; whilst on the surface is somewhat self- referential, proffer a clearing ground for the potential to produce works that were outside the comfort-zone of many of the artists involved…” *

 * text source

camera: lx100

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