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Heidi Holmes: (I’m pretty sure) there will be no Science Baby

West Space, Melbourne, till 22nd October, 2016. “Hi Heidi and Tim.  It’s Doctor ******* ******* here just ringing to see, say that I see that it was negative result, unfortunately, and just ter, ter, just to discuss where to from here. Ahhh, um certainly as far as egg number and embryo number we did much better with the flare cycle, um, we could consider doing that. Aaaaaah I know we’ve talked previously about biopsying the embryos, ummm that would beRead more

Chris Mason (with A.L. Steiner & A.K. Burns): Summer on the blue seat

West Space, Melbourne, 2016. “Summer on the blue seat presents sculptures by Chris Mason in dialogue with the video work Community Action Center 2010 by A.K. Burns and A.L. Steiner, as a way to open up questions of the politics and representation of erotic desire…” * text source camera: lx100Read more

The Trouble with Remuneration

West Space, Melbourne, 2016. Featured Artists: Liat Berdugo, Oskar Dawicki, Kate Meakin, Ian Milliss, Elizabeth Newman and Mladen Stillnović. Curated by Liang Luscombe and Patrice Sharkey. “The Trouble with Remuneration explores the variety of ways in which artists and their work interact with capital. If we accept that artworks paradoxically share the same conditions as contemporary capitalism then what occurs when artists use these conditions as the material for works? The Trouble with Remuneration presents a range of projects with differing strategies ofRead more
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