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Mark Shorter: Fat Wedge

Bus Projects, Melbourne,30 Nov – 23 Dec 2016. “Mark Shorter’s work proposes a radical encounter between body, sculpture and plinth. Often considered an inert structure, the plinth will be transformed into a volatile wedge that pushes back at the objects it has traditionally supported. The resulting action will be a constant negotiation where the body responds to the plinth’s new agency and the sculptures in between yield to the will of these contesting forces…” * text sourcedocumentor: kerry leonard  camera:Read more

Gregory Hodge: Paintings

Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2016. “This new series continues Gregory Hodges interest in the ways illusionistic painting devices can be applied to an abstract picture space. By adapting and translating historically associated techniques, such as illusionistic trompe l’oeil, into a contemporary idiom he considers how these affect the ways we experience and interpret abstract paintings. Consisting small scale and large paintings on canvas this exhibition considers the oscillating relationship between the eye and the body, illusion and materiality, stasis and motion,Read more

Lydia Wegner: Silver Shadow

Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2016. “Wegner’s most recent work reflects her ongoing inquiry into staged photography and visual abstraction. These playful images combine striking colour backgrounds alongside warped paper, coloured lighting and angular shadows. Through play and moments of chance, these simple materials form a questionable reality, seemingly flat and weightless something looks familiar yet so far removed…”*  * text source camera: lx100Read more

Travis John: ‘IDK IDC’

Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2016. “M h ∆ t ¡ 5 ∑ 3 k ¡ 5 ∆ p ∑ ® m ∆ n ∑ n t ø p 3 N ¡ n G Ω ƒ p ø 5 § ¡ d ¡ LÂ � ¡ t ¡ 3 § notnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnot∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∑ † † † † † ø Ω M G ∆ ˚ π π π † † † † † π π ···· Ω MRead more

Connie Anthes & Rebecca Gallo: Make or Break

Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2016. Make or Break is a live art project by Sydney artists Rebecca Gallo and Connie Anthes that explores the role of audiences and collectors in the generation of art works and art market value….” * * text source camera: lx100Read more

Marnie Edmiston: Entropy is Just a Lack of Storage Options

Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2016. “A place for transacting abstractions The office in its short evolution has adopted every kind of communication abstraction. Resultantly, we are concerned with reality simulation. The management of symbolic representation of reality is the function of offices…” * text source camera: lx100Read more

Billy Bartley-Nees: triple zero is just three empty holes

Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2016. “Billy Bartley-Nees completed Fine Art Honours at RMIT in 2015. Recent exhibitions include A Group Show at Mu Upstairs (2015) and Wall Works at Knight Street Art Space (2014). His work uses a mixture of assemblage, sculpture and photography, utilising commonplace materials and objects to question meaning, language, perceived value, and aspects of life…” * * text source camera: lx100Read more

Brooke Babington: Wet eyed sissies

Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2016. “The common thread/threat through the works is ‘deviance’ recategorised as ‘defiance’. The female rebel is a paradox of radical subjectivity: at once a threat and not enough of a threat. She acts-up in shrill defiance of the structural apparatuses that motivate ‘good’ citizenry. Such gestures – etiquette, monogamy, not-stealing – can be (always are) political when gendered…” * * text source camera: lx100Read more

Nina Gilbert: The image shadow. The shadow general.

Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2016. “Nina Gilbert uses photography and video to look at consciousness, encounter and event. Objects, actions and gestures are framed by the camera and become activated in their physical arrangement, moving closer or further apart as the viewer moves through the work. When combined images exist in superficial relationships and mimic the formal or material qualities of public spaces both virtual and physical…” * * text sourcecamera: lx100Read more

Madeleine Preston: The Tanagras Archive

Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2016. “The works in ‘The Tanagras Archive’ are based on the Louvre’s Tanagras collection. Upon their initial unearthing, these ancient Greek statuettes were coveted by France’s bourgeoisie, as they were affordable symbols of wealth and taste. I used my limited skill as a ceramicist to create rough approximations of the sophisticated Tanagras figurines and classical vase forms.” * *  text sourcecamera: lx100Read more

Charles Robb: Catacoustics II

Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2016. “Catacoustics II is an installation comprising a pair of epoxy/fibreglass sections of the Ian Fairweather memorial rock, a large heptagonal slab, a series of small cast elements, a steel construction prop and a series of block-mounted photographs…” * * Bus Projects camera: lx100Read more

Tace Kelly: A Manner of Articulation

Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2016. “looking at an image of different tongue positions for making vowel sounds heed hid head had hod hawed hood who’d learning to read diagrams and briefly obstruct airstream —Vocal Fold— I find this line difficult to complete in time Jaw opens. Jaw closes. expecting there will be a number of changes from the open to the close because the (non) performers will hold wear move speak” * * text sourcecamera: lx100Read more

Tracey Lamb: Sold Exclusively Through Woolworths

Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2016. “Sold exclusively through Woolworths” examines the components of geometry, images and memory in shaping place and identity. Tracey’s starting point for the work is a series of stylised drawings of British mid century interior decor, printed on the family crockery of her childhood. Working with assemblage, abstraction and altered scale, Tracey’s work engages with an aesthetic that manifests in connections between sculpture, furniture and decor. She borrows from the conventions and aesthetics of modernism that is both familiar and removed allowing reinterpretation of forms thoughRead more
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